Sometimes I read news stories and it makes me feel like there’s some component of being a woman that I just don’t have. Like, I can’t for the life of me understand how someone ends up being a Trump mistress.

Like, I guess the folk wisdom is that women are attracted to money and power, but they just seem like such obvious frauds. If I ran in those social circles, I feel like I’d be “sick” a lot and miss parties they were going to.

Like, how do you not look at them and realize they’re just going to constantly be mean and a pain in your butt?

5 thoughts on “Woman

  1. Aligning oneself with a wealthy and influential person is a potential way to promote one’s own status (or ‘brand’). For a savvy, upstart operator, knowledge of that person being a complete jagoff is calculated into the potential cost of the transaction. Individuals like Trump and Weinstein have leveraged this most often patriarchal dynamic to boost their own personal brands. They collect teams of lawyers, cops, prosecutors, and judges to help them contain the savvy operators and the painfully enlightened victims.

  2. Sure, but if your goal is expensive clothing, travel, cars, what have you, you tell yourself that you’ll meet some nicer rich guy while you’re with the creep, and make an exchange.

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