Isn’t This the Plot of E.T.?

You guys, last night the new kitty (who isn’t really new anymore, but nicknames are nicknames) was in the bathroom closet, hissing and spitting. I went to look to see why this was happening and she had removed the access cover to the tub plumbing. She was hissing at the pipes.

Someone was meowing angrily back at her from somewhere inside my house, like literally, in the innards of my house.

I assumed this was Old Grouchy.

But then Old Grouchy came into the bathroom to see what everyone was so worked up about.

So, I guess some other cat is in the bowels of my house?

I assume it’s the other orange cat, who’s been running away when he sees me all winter, because I don’t know of another cat in the neighborhood at the moment.

But they’ve been fighting with him all winter. Not physically fighting, because they’ve been in the house, yelling at him out of windows. But yelling at him.

Was it all an act while they were secretly finding a place for him to stay in the house?

The pipes run into the crawlspace and it’s pretty clear to me that there’s enough space around the pipes that a cat could get from the closet into the crawlspace. But, in order for a cat who has heretofore been outside my house to get into the crawlspace, I must have a way into my crawlspace that isn’t as secure as I thought.

But I went out and looked this morning and damned if I can see where it would be.

Anyway, it’s fucking weird. My house may have a third cat. That lives in my walls.

But, honestly? It’s also delightful.

I mean, I’m sure there are going to be some drawbacks I’m not thinking of right now, but, if he isn’t trapped, and he doesn’t seem to be, then I guess it’s okay. No harm, no foul.