Ooo, This Afghan

Okay, so I tried to get a picture of the whole front done, but the cat was having none of it.


Still, except for a few ends to tuck, it’s done! I think the key for doing an afghan like this in the future would be to figure out how to do it join-as-you-go, because really, the most odious part is all the joining of the small pieces. Anyway, I plan on a loose blocking this weekend.

And you guys! Look at how it looks backlit!


It’s so beautiful! I can’t even stand it.

One thought on “Ooo, This Afghan

  1. Oh, that’s great! And it’s also great- in a different way- as a window hanging!
    New Kitty knows every picture is improved by having a cat in it. It’s the (cat) law.
    And Happy 44! I like the double digit years just ’cause!

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