School bombing. Integrated religious recreational facility bombing. Lawyer on school integration’s house bombed. Ties to the Dixie Knights.

Nashville? No. Well, yes but that’s not what’s making me both excited and chagrined.


I don’t know shit. I do not know enough to write this book. I’m majorly panicking about it.

And no motherfucker has ever written anything about the Chattanooga bombings either!

3 thoughts on “Fuuuuuhhhhhhhhuuuuuck

  1. You might not know enough NOW. That’s why the book isn’t written and done.

    But you WILL know enough. And you will write it.

    Nobody else knows more.

    And the areas you don’t know, the areas you recognize that you don’t know, those areas will be voids, the outlines of which you’ll be able to recognize, and those voids will tell the story.

  2. As above, you’ve got this. Knoxville bombings? East TH History Library’s local coverage files mentioning Kasper?

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