I got called a racist this weekend and, you know, as much as it stings, I think the guy is right. And also an asshole, but right.

Writing for Pith requires–at least from me–a certain amount of bravado. Sometimes I come down on the wrong side of the asshole line.

I don’t think there’s anything for me to do except acknowledge it and move on. But I have been struck by the people who want me to fight him, to comb through his social media and ruin his life, to make him sorry.

Like, first of all, I am a person and he is a person and we’re not going to fight for your entertainment. But secondly, you know what feels really racist to me? Going nuclear on a guy who was right because he dared piss me off.

Like, I’m trying to be a good person out here. I fail and fuck up sometimes. Why are folks hell-bent on tempting me into being worse? It’s really insidious.

Anyway, I also spent some time getting far enough on the afghan that I could do some doodad samples to see if I like the look.


I love the doodads! Also, I love how the green works in this afghan, just a tiny hint under the raspberry. Anyway, in real life, I’m just starting the green round on the motifs, but I had to work ahead to see if I was going to be happy with it.

I especially love how the raspberry and the yellow go together, though I’m not sure why. There must be some color theory to explain it, but I don’t know it.

One thought on “Racist

  1. First, I wish you would stop making afghans that I covet even though I have afghans that I love of my own. Like, maybe you could get them all back from people and have an exhibit? I think that would be sufficiently satisfying for me, if I got to browse through them a few times.

    Second, anyone who wants you to drag someone in public for their entertainment is not your friend, and probably not a very good person. But I do hope the situation was such that you got to acknowledge his probable rightness to the guy, unless he was just saying this in order to be an asshole himself–if he was saying it out of conviction, your recognizing he was right would be a good thing. Not in public, just privately.

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