Sunday Funday

Went and had lunch with the Butcher’s family. My nephew can clap now. He’s not great at it, but he will be. He can also stand. He doesn’t know that yet, but as long as your hands are touching him, he can balance himself on his feet just fine.


I’m slowly putting this afghan together, too.


And the cat has a bump on her nose and she wants to be near me but she won’t let me get a good look at it. It looks like she may have scratched herself, but of course I’m worried it’s cancer or leprosy. But it does raise the question: can a cat give herself cat-scratch fever?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Funday

  1. I forgot how dimensional the peacock afghan is. I just want to squish it. And maybe the cat’s nose bump is a mosquito bite? One of my cats spends the summer with lumpy, scabby ears and (sometimes) nose from mosquito allergies.

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