Now that we, as a nation, are kidnapping children and putting babies in detention camps, I have been reading some of the responses. And, I have to tell you, the ones that worry me the most are the ones where the person says something like “Rachel Maddow going for an Emmy in dramatic acting” or anything else that suggests that the author of the comment does not recognize the real emotions of the person they’re observing.

Like, they just can’t fathom that this would be a genuine reaction to what is happening, and so it must be fake.

Those people scare me. It’s one thing to react to horror by agreeing with it (a sick thing but a thing). At least we’re all on a same page with that–this is happening. I think it’s horrendous. You think it’s fine.

But the “it’s not real” “your feelings about it aren’t real” folks? Holy fuck. It reads like psychopathy.

But if it is, then psychopathy is much, much more common than I realized.

2 thoughts on “Disconnect

  1. They’re not psychopaths. It’s just that if they admit that the emotions they’re mocking are real, they’ll have to admit that policies they support are causing the emotions, and that would distress them. So they call them fake in order to feel better about themselves. Of course, some of them (*cough* Ann Coulter *cough*) know they’re lying, and are doing it for attention. And to whip up their base, which they hold in contempt and figure will buy into their lies–and whaddayaknow? The base does buy in.

  2. I think nm has something there. My normally mild-mannered father blew the fuck up when I suggested this policy was problematic on a variety of fronts. Like completely unhinged, shouting about The Law! The Law! I expect that from my mom, but Dad? The spouse suggested the vehemence of the reaction was because he knows the policy is awful and the only way he can process having supported the venal creature in office is to shout about law as if it’s somehow above our mere human feelings (it also lets him blame congress for not passing a new law. Let us not explore the logic of how a Republican congress’s failure to pass bills is the Democrats’ fault.)

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