Things are just very, very stressful at work right now. And I can’t really talk about it. But I want to, because ugh. But also, I don’t want to think about it any more than I have to, because ugh.

I guess what I will say is that there’s a story in the Bible where some dude is an asshole king and he does something to piss of God and a hand appears and writes some words on the wall in front of him and everyone can see the writing, but no one can decipher it.

And finally, the king’s wife is like “Go get Daniel and he’ll read it.” And Daniel comes in and is all “you have been weighed and found wanting.” And dude’s kingdom falls.

I vaguely remember there’s some kind of pun or wordplay involved…

Ah, yes, cool. Wikipedia explains how Daniel reads the words first as nouns and then as verbs.

Anyway, let’s imagine another feast where a hand appears and writes on the wall in plain words “Your days are numbered. Your kingdom will fall.”

And then let’s imagine that panic sets in because everyone can read the words clearly and they’re afraid.

But then, let’s imagine, that the king and his top advisors set out in search for someone who can tell them what the writing really means, who insist that this also is some wordplay or trick and that they just need to find someone like Daniel who can properly interpret it as good news.

Now imagine sitting in that room, seeing the bad news clear on the wall, hearing the Medes and the Persians marching closer, and still sitting through day after day of “this is just a bureaucratic exercise. Let’s carry on as normal.”

It’s hard.

I don’t need advice. I’ve got some stuff I absolutely can’t talk about going on.

But it’s like the rest of the country. Watching people who need to massively shift their understanding of what’s happening in order to react in any meaningful way failing to is hard and terrifying.

2 thoughts on “Unspoken

  1. I know you didn’t ask for advice, so I’ll just make a comment. When things are tough and confusing, it is best for everyone to be as open and honest as possible about what is (or isn’t) happening. When our partner was hospitalized before he got his transplant, no one said anything for weeks and we knew nothing about his condition or what might happen to our office. He came *this close* to dying and most of us knew nothing of that. You know your people and your situation. I hope it resolves soon and in a positive way. I hope no one loses their job. And I hope that you can be the leader your group needs you to be. Hugs.

  2. Yesterday, I tried to lay out the facts plainly for the people who seem not to be getting it. Basically that all these actions by the bigwigs would seem to indicate massive, difficult changes for us on the horizon and I got scolded and told that I was being Chicken Little.

    Which, on the one hand, makes the short-term harder but clarifies some of my long-term thinking.

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