The World is a Vampire

Tough couple of days.

I’ve decided to start memorizing the names of Trump supporters, so when I’m rounded up and forced into an interment camp, and they ask me to name my collaborators, I can start naming those Trump supporters.

I guess I’m feeling like there’s no way to stop what’s coming, but we can do our part to make it painful for those who want to hurt us.

Just from anxiety, I may finish this afghan before the wedding.


One thought on “The World is a Vampire

  1. I really wish you were wrong.

    I’m sitting on my couch, looking out at a squirrel in my bird feeder, and thinking, hmmm… I never expected to live in a failing state. I mean, I knew America couldn’t last forever, but I didn’t expect that we’d be the ones to witness it. I guess someone had to be. But I didn’t think it’d be us, now.

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