This is the color I got from the indigo dye vat. She said I could come back and dye it darker if I wanted and I was like “No, are you kidding? This is the most beautiful blue I have ever seen.” It’s almost the exact same color as the black bean yarn, which… in fairness… I also thought was the most beautiful color I had ever seen.

I need to go to Birmingham. I have to figure out the dog situation. Like, can I do a research trip in a day? Can I not get bogged down in interesting details that don’t pertain to my question? Or do I need to do it in two days? In which case, who’s going to watch the dog?

Also, right now the book is called “Busy Looking the Other Way: Why Nashville’s Integration Era Bombings Remain Unsolved,” but I’m entertaining “The Rise of the Confederate Underground: Some subtitle I haven’t come up with yet.” The Rise of the Confederate Underground is better, isn’t it?

One thought on “Indigo!

  1. The Busy Looking the Other Way title gave me this lightening flash moment of pay attention because shit is about to get explained but the second title did the same but in more of a stately, think about this kind of way. I’ll be interested to hear the subtitle to be determined later. Either way, I think you’ve got great titles. I suppose it kind of depends on how you want the book to introduce itself.

    Have I mentioned how awesome I think this project and how you’re doing it are? Not that my opinion should matter, but I think I haven’t said it before and now seems like a good time.

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