Sunflower Humor


The round I’m working on now on the sunflowers makes the sunflowers, when in a pile, look like something you’d get at Taco Bell–nine layers of crunchy shell and eight layers of lettuce.

I ordered a bunch of yarn yesterday because I decided that Kool-aid dyeing with my niece would be the best time. So, when she’s up for Labor Day, we’re going to do it. She doesn’t know that yet, but I am so excited!

Files Trials

Long story short, I just have to wait for the Looby file. At least Rep. Cooper got them to admit it exists. And I have complete faith in the National Archives eventually getting it to me.

I’m just frustrated that this means pushing the book back.

But just as the archive gods take away, so do they giveth. The National Archives sent me the J.B. Stoner file from 1958 that had been mixed in with later stuff. As I suspected, it mostly pertained to his bombing of Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth’s church down in Birmingham.

But holy shit.

My money is still on the Looby file revealing either that the FBI had an informant in the car (and that’s why they weren’t very forthcoming with the information that it still existed) or that they knew about the plot ahead of time and didn’t do anything to stop it.

But I am moving a few coins to the idea that it could have been a Birmingham police informant in the car, based on this Stoner file.