A Slight Tragedy

I had been suffering from what I thought was a minor cold, involving me feeling stuffed up and headachy. But I never had a runny nose nor did I have any boogers. So, it was hard to breathe, but there wasn’t anything in my airways clogging them up. My airways themselves were just mad and inflamed.

Last night, I had one last idea for the copper yarn and I threw a skein in the dye pot. At the moment the whole house filled with the smell of hot wool, I could feel my nose shutting.

I’m fucking allergic to wool. Maybe it has to be hot and wet to trigger it, but that’s what’s making me stuffed up.

And I still have all the walnut I need to dye for Julie’s afghan. So, I think while I’m waiting for the walnuts to start falling, I’m going to have to investigate if I can somehow solar dye with walnuts, and keep the wet, warm yarn outside.

2 thoughts on “A Slight Tragedy

  1. Get a hot plate! (They sell ’em at Walgreens.) You can set it up out back. Also, it might be the dye material and not the wool (holding out a slim hope, I know). Good luck.

  2. I am hoping that’s the trick–to just move the dying outside. I mean, I have now piles of dry wool in the house and I’m not stuffed up more than normal. So, if I can just keep the wet wool outside, I may be okay.

    I mean, I really love this. I don’t want to do it all the time, but I don’t want to give it up.

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