More Afghan Squares

Look at this one!


That purple just makes a really fabulous background to the rest of the yarn.

I have so much to get done today, so of course I woke up late. I’m trying to decide if I need my CPAP for one night, or if I can leave it here and travel very, very lightly. I was glad to have it in Birmingham, but I went to Birmingham in my own car. The hassle of trying to figure out how to get distilled water in North Carolina leaves me feeling less than excited about messing with it.

But, hey, I’m traveling for work. That’s fun.

2 thoughts on “More Afghan Squares

  1. When I travel I just use tap water. I figure for a night or two it’s not going to make a real difference.

  2. It’s a toss up, isn’t it? I hate toting it around, but I sleep better with it. What Judy says, or I’ve used bottled water from the hotel gift shop.

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