The Travel God Who Couldn’t Sleep

So, I didn’t take my CPAP machine and, on the one hand, I felt like a god because I breezed through security and my bag stowed under the seat in front of me and, in general, I traveled lightly and quickly.

But I slept like shit. I slept like a person who took sixteen half hour naps over the course of a night. I never fell into a deep sleep. I kept checking the clock, thinking it must be time for the ordeal to be over and no time would have passed.

It was a huge and miserable mistake.

I wish they had some kind of travel sized CPAP, though, because that one-bag thing ruled. And I got home in time to make some purple squares, so all I have left is to make my pink squares, tuck some ends, and put this puppy together.


4 thoughts on “The Travel God Who Couldn’t Sleep

  1. I feel like my grandma sending newspaper clippings here…but I heard a commercial on the radio for a travel CPAP device. It didn’t say anything about cost or if it had the same level of efficacy as a regular size but apparently some version of that exists.

  2. I gave a long speech last week about how I had a sinus infection or some rare headache disease followed by several anxiety and hypochondria based detours into my own medical paranoia. The Mathlete looked at me calmly and said, “Have you been taking that allergy nose spray you use every fall? You said it worked really well last year.” Well, no, because even though I’ve been using some version of that every fall for about twenty years apparently my brain just skipped over it this year.

    That’s probably worse than not looking for something you didn’t know existed.

    Good news: My deadly sinus infection/rare headache disease was cured by Flonase.

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