It’s weird to go from an afghan that was exactly what I wanted, and better, every step of the way to this afghan that I feel is kind of fighting me. I don’t have as much yarn as I thought I did. It’s too wide and I’m worried I won’t have enough yarn to make it as long as it needs to be for as wide as it is.

And I don’t know what I’ll do if I don’t have enough blue.

But then I look at the ways the colors I dyed play out over each motif and it seems worth fighting with.

But also, you guys, the amount of dog hair this afghan has collected. I don’t even know. It’s so gross and hilarious.

4 thoughts on “Troubles

  1. More dog hair=extra warmth! (At least that’s what I tell myself about all the dog/cat hair anything I work on collects.)

  2. Even if you had it entirely hair-free, and gave it someone dog- and cat-free, I can tell you from experience that it would soon become full of human hairs. Unless it’s going to be used by someone completely bald. Life as we know it includes mammalian hair. It’s neither a feature nor a bug; it just is.

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