The Blue Part

I finished all the stars and I’ve started adding sky. All of which, in the original pattern, were flowers. Still are flowers here, if you squint right.

I’m going to try spinning again today. I dyed the plain roving that I bought, so I was waiting for it to dry. I found a handy tip on the internet that said that, when you’re learning to spin, you should use fiber that you find lovely because it makes your mistakes look interesting, not like you’ve ruined something.

I also found a video–I’ve been watching a ton of videos–in which the spinner, who also uses a drop-spindle, said, that, if you’re having problems drafting or getting how to draft, just draft everything before you spin. Like, before you even pick up the spindle. Just work on drafting your fiber first.

And I was like, oh, duh. I’m not being graded on this. I don’t even want to get very good at it. Like, I’m not setting out to become a spinner. I want to continue to be a crocheter who can dye and spin at a level acceptable to me, if I want to.

So, it’s cool if my skills are and remain fairly basic and rudimentary as long as I can get something that is what I want.

I don’t have to do this “right.” I just have to find something that works for me.

Ha ha ha, I’m genuinely not sure I can handle the pressure of there not being any pressure to be absolutely correct.

I’m starting to see why this was the imperative to come out of my latest nine nights.