I wrote up a long post about Chattanooga bombings, but it’s not here now. I wonder how I fucked that up.

Long story short, the victim and the suspected bombers’ mother are very similarly named. Mattie Greene for the victim. Martha Greene for the mother.

Right now, it only has 3500 people in it.

How many Greene families can there honestly be in a town that size?

But the FBI investigation, such as we know of it, since they, yet again, destroyed files, focused a lot on whether the black Greenes had done something to provoke this.

There didn’t seem to be any look at whether the black Greenes meant something to the sons of a white Greene.

There’s also a Luther Greene–the alleged bombers’ uncle–and a Charles Luther Greene–the victim’s brother-in-law.

All of this could just be a coincidence and could mean nothing, but I wish someone would dig into it.

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