Copper Two

Okay, whew, this was about a hundred times easier the second go-through. And those swirls, man. I just love them. I’m also patting myself on the back because I’m really pleased with the dye job. Each of the four different yarns in this piece fits together so nicely that I think it’s really tough to tell where one color ends and the others begin. Which is just what I wanted, since, obviously, things don’t verdigris in a uniform way.

The crows were out again this morning. A small contingency circled out and flew over us and it made me wonder if the dog and I are the subject of a crow lesson or a crow story. Like, let’s go look at these two blobs. You have nothing to worry about from them.

One thought on “Copper Two

  1. If you were to post pictures of all your afghans at once my head would explode from the amazing-ness of them. Wow-just wow!

    And your crows keep reminding me of Charles De Lint’s Newford books. ‘Someplace to be Flying’ has the crow girls and lots of other corvids.

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