What’cha Gonna Do When the Well Runs Dry?

So, it turns out that walking while holding onto someone is super awesome, because you can go a lot faster than you can by yourself, because of all the pesky balancing you have to do alone. This is my nephew on his way to climb some stairs!!! He just learned how to walk, like, four seconds ago and he’s already stepping up steps when he has someone’s hand to hold.

He’s like the Henry Rollins of babies, too. Shuts his own fingers in a drawer? Just a grunt of pain. Gets his feelings hurt because he can’t ride in the car with his momma holding him? Tears. Such crying and tears. If he’s not shirtless and fronting a Black Flag cover band by St. Patrick’s Day, I’ll be shocked. He’s at least going to be writing cringingly sincere poetry about his struggles by then. And beating up anyone who tries to make babies feel self-conscious about crying.