I don’t take a daily multivitamin because I’m convinced they make me sick. As irrational as I know this is, I believe it. I can read articles. I can talk to my doctor. It doesn’t matter. I believe that the multivitamin sends some signal to my immune system that it doesn’t have to try as hard as usual and then, bam, I’m sick.

The doctor told me I need to start taking a multivitamin with iron, because I’m slightly anemic. So, I went to the store, read labels until I found one that listed iron. I started taking it.


Yep. I’m sick.

The thing that irritates me about how my mind works, though, is that my co-worker was sick and her son had an ear infection. My other co-worker was sick. My nephew has a double ear infection. My mom and dad are just getting over being sick. And I’ve seen everyone this week.

Obviously… OBVIOUSLY… it’s just the season of people being sick.

But this morning, as I reached for the vitamin, my brain was like “No, don’t take it. You don’t want to be sick.” I pulled my hand away before I realized what I was doing. Then I was like “What the fuck? Take your vitamin.” And I did, but still!

I swear, if I have to go back to the therapist for the intrusive thought of “don’t take vitamins; they’re making you sick,” I’m going to be so fucking pissed.