I Hate Spinning

The wrap I dyed and spun and crocheted.

I can’t tell if I have it like “am done with it” hate it or “it’s hard and I suck at it but I will persevere” hate it, but after last night’s fiasco, spinning and I are on a break.

But I’m still chugging along on the copper afghan. All my octagons are done and now I’m working on squares and trapezoids. I’m really pleased with this. Each motif, on its own is not exactly pretty, but when I lay them out and I look at a handful of pennies, it’s so fucking satisfying.

Part of the thing is that, when you’re working on an individual piece, you focus on the part that has the most color, because that’s what you spend the longest working on. But your eye is always going to go to the smallest bits and the larger bits become the background. So, as much as this is a pink/brown afghan, your eye is drawn to the blues.

I hope I’ll be able to start putting this together this weekend, but that may be optimistic, considering the state of my kitchen and bathroom.


5 thoughts on “I Hate Spinning

  1. I’m sorry, but I saw the post title and laughed (it was the laugher of recognition). Honestly, getting a wheel made me love spinning. Drop-spindling and kick-spindling and I were not going to work out long-term. And I love that wrap.

  2. My co-worker told me I should set an alert so that when people start selling the wheels they got for Christmas, I can swoop in and get one cheap. But I still wish I still knew someone in town with one so that I could try it to see if my problem is the tool or the task.

  3. Rivikah, I tried to ply. I instead learned all the ways you can watch yarn unbecome. I had the “this part isn’t connected to this part anymore. Ha ha ha.” way and the “there are no parts, just clouds of fiber” way and the “we already twisted back here, behind your hand and we’re pretty happy in this giant clump” way.

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