And Now There’s a Drum Carder

I went to the fiber expert yesterday. She analyzed my fiber and said that the problem was that the staple was just way too short–maybe only an inch. She also showed me all the places the fiber was full of second cuttings, really short fibers caused by the shearer taking a second pass over the sheep in that spot.

She said that it could be spun, but it needed to be carded. Even still, it was going to be very fuzzy because of how short the staple is.

The easiest fix, she said, was to blend it with longer fibers.

Then she sold me a bunch of merino off her personal sheep and lent me her drum carder. Go forth and mix my crappy fiber with her merino.

Literally, all I want to do is stand around carding fiber all day. It’s so much fun.

And look at this yarn I got just from blending the crappy fiber with some longer fiber I’d already dyed.

I’m still not the greatest at spinning on the wheel yet, but I’m going to have a shit ton of fiber to practice with.