It Continues

I told y’all how I am having a weird sense of things coming together just right for this bombing book, in terms of me being comfortable in front of crowds and able to engage an audience.

Yesterday I had to give a brief speech that was basically like “Here’s how to buy this book. Here’s some background on the series. Here’s how excited we are. Please buy it.”

And three people complimented me on it.

In unrelated news, though, the Butcher needs to be in Phoenix next week. Which means I am going to end up being the one to finally clean out his goddamn bedroom. Am I allowed to box it all up and mail it to him in Arizona?

Because I am tempted.

It’s been two years of “I’ll get over there. I’ll do it.”

I also think I’ve decided on a pattern for the afghan I’m going to make for myself out of the yarn I’m spinning right now.