Sad, Continued

I wisely gave myself a project–to make some yarn for my friend, K. She said she likes purples and reds. I made her this two-skein gradient. I may have overdone it on the shiny bits.

The red is mostly BFL and some mystery wool, with some Merino. The purple is all Merino. And I still remain frustrated by Merino. It’s clumpy. It’d dense. I don’t spin it very well.

I just feel like there’s something I’m missing about it. Do I need to card it 100 times? Should I only blend it with things? People fucking kept these sheep secret, so amazing is this wool. Why am I immune to its charms?


One thought on “Sad, Continued

  1. How well do you know me? There can be no overdoing of shiny bits! ;-) I am giddy like a little girl, and trying to figure out what I can make that will do it justice. Thank you, thank you!!!

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