Yesterday my sister-in-law mentioned to me that my nephew had never been down a slide before. Well, oh boy, did that mean we were going down the slide at Hugh-Baby’s 100 times. First, he held onto my hands and I guided him down the slide, picked him up, and flung him back to the top while he squealed something that sounded almost like “again!”

Then he was so brave and went down on his own

And he got a hair cut! At a place where he got to sit in a fire truck while they cut his hair.

We were having lunch with the Butcher’s best friend’s family and they have a daughter who’s a little younger than my nephew. Like girls tend to do, she’s been a little ahead of where he was at her age, walking, getting a shit ton of teeth, but the developmental difference that must happen here where he’s 19 months and she’s, I think, 15 months is huge. She’s still a baby and he’s clearly a toddler.

They have always been pretty close to the same size, but now he seems like he’s twice her size. And she still does the baby stagger walk, where as he’s got massive walking skills.