Small Things

  1. If you get the Smore at Bang Candy, they toast your marshmallow. Also, it’s fabulous.
  2. All efforts to eat it with your smallest nephew will result in both of you being very sticky.
  3. The Butcher was in town for the weekend and we had lunch with my sister-in-law’s sister and her husband and son. This son, who is four, was trying to understand how the Butcher and I are related and it came out that he thought the Butcher was Elmo’s brother. Elmo from Sesame Street. Could there be a higher compliment?
  4. My main goal for today is to finish up this baby blanket for the pending niece. It’s about to go slightly off the rails, color-wise, but I think it’s going to be cool.
  1. I bought some acid dyes on Friday and yesterday I tried to dye the fiber I’d previously tried to dye black black-for-real. I kind of failed at it. I don’t think I had enough dye in the pot. But the fiber turned out so beautiful that I’m trying to dry it as quickly as I can so I can spin it.
  2. Ha ha ha. This list function kind of sucks.
  3. My new boss starts tomorrow. I’m pretty nervous.
  4. The dog is on an anti-inflammatory and I don’t know how I’ll judge if it’s working. He’s just so amiable that it’s hard to tell when he’s in distress. The vet and I had a long talk about it, how his utter good nature makes diagnosing him tough. He’s like “Sure, my eyeball is on your foot, but, hey, at least we’re together” or “Yeah, I might have been limping but look how awesome jumping is and I’m not going to limp again where you can see it, because why be sad?”
  5. I’m going to be reading at the Third Man 10th anniversary doodad, which is hilarious and awesome.
  6. I bought a boa to wear to the Blues Hall of Fame induction ceremony. I am also definitely wearing it to the anniversary thingy.