Delights for the Eyes

I finished the blanket for my pending niece! Let me count the ways I love it. I love how beautiful the dahlias are and how much they remind me of waterlilies. I love that the green isn’t overwhelming, even though there’s a lot of it. Somehow I got the border to balance it out. I love the tulips so much. I was nervous about using the orange, but it was absolutely the right call. And the daisies on the outer edge make me so happy. And there’s just going to be so much for the baby to touch and yank on. I’m really proud of this one.

I’m also learning how to use acid dyes and here are my fuck-ups from last night. I was trying to replicate in acid dye a thing I do pretty well in food coloring–three primary colors to get a rainbow of awesomeness. From left to right, we have “grabbed the black instead of the red,” “too much red!,” and “fuck it, orange.”

But let me tell you something. I love each of these. I think they’re so beautiful. I can’t get over it. I’m wishing they were dry right now so I could spin them. How awesome is it to have such beautiful fuck-ups?

I need beauty like this in my eyes, because my heart is a mess. Stuart Wexler sent me looking for how my bad guys might tie into the Atlanta Child Murders. I found this Spin article.

I have to figure out how to write about this, because I need to put it in my book, but it’s hard. It’s not just that JB Stoner was a person in the world. It’s that so many people decided over and over again to just let him keep on keeping on.

The ironic thing about the decision to downplay the involvement of the Klan/NSRP in some of those murders in order to prevent a race war is that there is a race war in this country, ongoing. With casualties piling up. And we’re busy gaslighting the families of the dead rather than admit it.


3 thoughts on “Delights for the Eyes

  1. A coworker and I were talking about “Leaving Neverland”, and the Catholic pedophilia scandals and Penn State, and wondering what is it about certain people that motivates them to be complicit in these kind of tragedies? What would it take for an individual to decide to cover for someone else who’s doing any of this? Maybe there are books out there already, about that kind of behavior, as a category. But the situations you’re researching too… what makes someone decide “OK, this is someone worth covering up for”? I mean, other than rank bigotry. Which is surely part of it.

  2. Yeah, I genuinely don’t get it. Like, I get being a tiny bit farther removed and being in denial. Like, okay, say with Michael Jackson, you’re the person who buys laundry bleach and the person who strips the beds tells you that you need something that does a better job on blood, I get why and how you, laundry bleach person, can live in denial about what’s happening and your role in it, because, if things really were what they seemed, wouldn’t the bed stripper do something about it?

    But I don’t get why the bed stripper doesn’t do something. Just like I don’t get how the cops wouldn’t want to chase down every child murderer and get them off the streets instead of blaming all the murders on one guy and leaving this family in their neighborhood, where children–some of whom have already been murdered–play.

    I guess what I wonder is if there isn’t some strong psychological urge to believe you’re in the second-tier of knowledge (the people who have suspicions but don’t know) when you are actually in the first–the people who know and have a moral obligation to act.

    I don’t believe it’s because they feel some great loyalty to the bad actors (or at least not solely that). I believe it’s because they’re protecting their own understandings of themselves.

  3. Yeah… that sounds like a big part of it. Folks plugging their ears and singing “LA LA LA EVERYTHING IS FINE. JUST. FINE!”

    Still, it’s creepy and fascinating and sad and mystifying.

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