Sick Boy

My nephew has some kind of crud and his throat hurts and the only thing that seems to help is carbonation. Which meant that, when he sat on my lap last night and asked for my Sprite, I gave it to him.

I was wise enough to not drink the Sprite after him.

But when he reached up and shoved a fist full of French fries at me, I ate them. And when he laughed, even though he was clearly feeling like shit, I ate some more out of his little grubby hands.

When I complain about being sick later, let’s all remember how it happened.

One thought on “Sick Boy

  1. I think you just summed up how I got every contagious illness while A. was in the same age bracket as your nephew. “Oh, you think it’s funny to feed me bites? Well, apparently the memory of the last virus isn’t enough to make me say no.”

    Hope he feels better soon and you don’t catch it.

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