My Own Handspun Afghan!

That one row I was worried about with the green border looks fine! My antique moons look better than I imagined. In fact, they all look like moons. A blanket of 80 moons.

And I got some dyeing done on The Professor’s afghan.

That blue & green might not make it in (probably too bright), but I needed to practice my singles-spinning. But on the right, there’s some stuff I’m hugely excited about. The bottom is just bare fiber, no color added. The two browns are natural browns I had in my stash (and I have one more darker one I’m really excited about spinning). But check out the two on top! Can you see the tiny, tiny bits of color? A little blue, a little gold?

I’ve been studying the inspiration piece and the thing is that it feels like a mostly neutral piece with pops of color, but if you look at it for a while, you see that it’s actually a lot of very, very pale color with pops of that color at full value.

So, I’m having fun trying to get colors light enough to suit me.

Score one for the blue. The pink and yellow are okay. There are parts that strike me as light enough, but I may end up mixing them with white. I really love that light gray. But how’s this for embarrassing? It took me two tries to get black! From black dye!

Another thing I’ve been thinking hard about is how to mix my colors. The whole thing I love about spinning is seeing how the colors blend and change in a strand. How can I do the thing I love most in a way that best respects the spirit of the inspiration piece?

It’s fun to think about.

3 thoughts on “My Own Handspun Afghan!

  1. I’m so excited! It’s hard to look at pictures of yours since it is calling out to be touched and I can’t touch it through the screen. But there’s just so much movement in it that I can’t imagine how you will resist being ever not under it.

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