What If I’m Literally Walking in Memphis in the Rain?

I’m going to see a book I acquired inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame. Today! I drive over today! This morning I have to pack and put my hair in pin curls and make sure my boa is stashed safely in the car. I even bought sparkly eye shadow!

It may be raining, though, which is a bummer, because my plan was to walk from the hotel to the induction site. I have an umbrella, but an umbrella, a boa, and a purse is a lot to manage.

Still, I’m very excited. And nervous. And delighted.

3 thoughts on “What If I’m Literally Walking in Memphis in the Rain?

  1. Yes, pictures! Because they’ll show the color of the sparkly eyeshadow and details of the boa styling, among other things.

    I’ve been patchily dropping by your blog for a dozen years now. I’m glad you still post here. I came today because I suddenly thought, “Oooo! What’s the status on her book! Where can I find out?”

  2. I just saw the picture on twitter. I only see a hint of nerd there — it’s more, “hot book fiend”. That’s a very pretty look on you and I’m jealous of the boa adding to the “hot book fiend” factor — I can’t wear one without looking like a little girl playing dress up. The eyeshadow is lovely.

    There’s some definite “worldly author lady” going on there too — I’ve been completely failing to manage to look like an engineer all my life, so I have a high appreciation for managing to look like what you professionally are. You look great.

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