Small Things

–I read The Great God Pan this weekend and it is fantastic. It’s really fun, too, to think about how much the shift in culture since it first came out has changed how I read it.

Like, I was reading all these reviews after about how misogynistic it was and it made me laugh because, oh, oops, yes, I guess it probably is. But it’s just so obvious all these men are douchy monsters who tell themselves scary stories in order to feel justified killing a woman that it didn’t immediately occur to me that they’re the heroes.

–My dad’s friend is sending me all the fiber from her alpacas and llamas. Like five boxes worth. For free.

It’ll need extensive skirting, and I’ll have to figure out how to evaluate if it’s good or not.

But why is she willing to do this? Because otherwise they just throw it out.

This seems nuts to me, but then I was watching a video on sheep shearing and the farmer said she just tosses the wool because she can only get about $5 a piece for a fleece from the mills.

Which seems very much like there’s some kind of opportunity here. I’m willing to pay more than “free,” but I’d like to pay less than the $100 a pound alpaca roving runs. And I’m sure other fiber artists would, too.

So, someone needs to connect the people who are just tossing fiber in the trash with the people who would gladly take it off their hands.

–My whole goal for this weekend was to get my parents’ 50th Anniversary invitations sent out. I did not.