I’m continuing to dye wool for The Professor’s afghan. This is what I got done last night. That brown is “olive.” I thought it was going to be green. On the other hand, it is a deeply lovely brown.

Shall we go back to the inspiration piece?

I’m pretty pleased with how on-track I am. I may just have to move the green I’d decided not to use back into the “use” pile and call it good. I might also try mixing some more green into the “olive” and see if that works. There’s so little green in the inspiration piece, though, that I probably won’t worry about it.

I still think my biggest danger with the afghan is that I love really bright saturated colors and I need to be careful I’m not dying up too many “accent” colors and losing the kinds of earthy neutrals The Professor is hoping will dominate the piece.

But I’m also hoping that the alpaca fleece I get works and I can just use that as the main neutral in the afghan.