Young Evil, Revisited

It’s been bugging me that the guy on the left looks so familiar to me, but I can’t place him. I think I have a guess on the identities of a lot of these guys, though. See what you think.

I think the guy on the left could be George Bright. The kid in the middle is Richard Bowling. I’m pretty sure the guy on the right is Ed Fields.

That’s J.B. Stoner and Robert Bowling.

I have no good guess on the old guy. The middle guy could be Asa Carter, except Asa Carter didn’t have good cheekbones, except with the picture blown up this big, it looks like that may not be a cheekbone, but some kind of ink spot.

If that is Carter, then that might be Kenneth Adams next to him. Not that I’ve ever seen a good picture of Kenneth Adams.

Skip the little girl. Who knows who she is. Could the guy in the hat be Wallace Allen? Or, if I’m right about the guy on the right being Emory Burke, could Hat Guy be Homer Loomis? And then, obviously, the guy I suspect is Emory Burke.

If I’m right, then what we’re seeing in this 1954 photo is a half-hearted reunion of some of the Columbians and an early gathering of folks who would go on to be the United White Party.

It’s also a shit-ton of violent white supremacists.

2 thoughts on “Young Evil, Revisited

  1. So do the armbands give a clue? Those are the same armbands (on the guys on the right) that are in the pic of the Columbians with Loomis.

  2. Now I’m wondering who made all these arm bands! But no, they’re not quite the same. These guys have a cross in a circle. The Columbians have a thunderbolt in a circle. Which later became the NSRP’s insignia.

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