There’s No Cake

I have so much to do that it’s making me just want to curl up and do nothing. I have to get the invitations sent out for my parents. I need to call Jimmy John’s and talk to them about a million sandwiches. I need a new driver’s license. The dog needs medicine. I need a hair cut.

I have no idea what to do for a cake for my parents’ anniversary.

I need one extra weekday, where everything is open but I don’t have to work, but this is not that time.

One thought on “There’s No Cake

  1. HyVee has good cakes, if there’s one around. We got an amazing gluten-free cake for my aunt at Jewel’s a few years ago.
    I know what you mean about an extra day in the week. For the past year I’ve wished for an extra week in the month – just for me. Everyone else freezes in time and I get caught up. Never happens. But today, I finally think I might maybe be caught up. Looking for the other shoe or the lightning bolt. . . . .

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