I’m Trying

Of course all of The Butcher’s awesome friends came out to help them load the truck. And of course The Butcher packed it all like life is just three dimensional Tetris and he is the world champion at it.

I have a kind of half-articulated belief that we are ourselves and also ways for some ancestral impulse or facet to work out some need or desire of its own.

Sometimes I suspect that my nephew is my grandpa, come back to have parents who could nurture him.

I know that sounds bananas. And I don’t think it’s as straight-up as reincarnation. I don’t think my nephew is my grandpa. It’s more like I think the part of my grandpa that could have benefited from good parents is in there, too, getting now what he needed then.

Being able to easily love my dad and being able to be easily loved by him.

I’m trying not to be too sad. But Phoenix is a long way.