Odds & Ends

I have permission for the Christian Anti-Jewish Party photo! And the AP has been so super helpful with other photos. I think I’m going to have some good things to use in the book.

I added my baby niece to Ancestry.com.

Look at this!

She is adorable. She’s just a hair over six pounds but she’s already 18 inches long. She is a lanky baby.

One of my authors came by yesterday for a pep talk about her manuscript and she told me some stories about working in higher ed that made me think we should just burn everything down and leave the planet to dogs and children.

This morning there was a bunny and I sent the dog after it and he did such a half-assed job of chasing the rabbit that the rabbit didn’t even bother to leave the grass. It just stood there, knowing that dog wasn’t going to come any closer.

“Come on,” I said and I started running toward the bunny. Sonnyboy looked so surprised and delighted, like it had never dawned on him that chasing bunnies could be a team sport.

But, hell, if he’s not even going to try, I can also not try to catch the bunny. We can do that together.