Push It Real Good

Yesterday I had such a good Thinking about America day, full of discussions about the American project and whether it can be salvaged.

I’m also listening to a podcast hosted by a wizard. I haven’t listened to it long enough to decide if I would recommend you listen to the podcast or not, but it’s interesting. His being a wizard is part actual magical belief and part performance art.

But a thing I do like about it is his goal is to move us all into a slightly better reality. He claims he’s not powerful enough to do much more than that, but that, if we all act with intention and verbalize that this is what we want and then make choices we hope will lead there, then, tada, there we’ll be.

Which is one of those things that is simultaneously so stupid and true.

But also maybe feels like what I can do about America that will actually have any effect.

Just push in the direction I want us to go.