Places I Don’t Know

I’m writing an article. It’s not an important article, but the money’s nice. Anyway, the editor was all “Ooo, you should include something about Draper James and Imogen + Willie!” and I was like, “Okay, fine. Those just aren’t places I know anything about. They’re not places I’d ever go.”

I mean, there’s literally nothing I could buy there, so why would I go there?

Which my editor totally got, but it has me thinking about how different my internal landscape of Nashville looks because I just know there are places that are off-limits to me. Or not off-limits. I’m not banned from them or anything. But we have nothing to do with each other. Those places aren’t for me and I can’t find anything for me in those places.

I don’t really mind that, though. Not in this day and age when the internet makes so many things available.

What I do mind is that there’s no real acknowledgement of their decision to exclude me and whether that’s moral.

Anyway, I guess I’ll learn some about these places.