Please Come to Boston. She said “No.”

I’m going to Boston for work, which I’m looking forward to. I’m also having a lot of anxiety about it for reasons that my subconscious is not sharing with the rest of me.

And, like all fun mental health stuff, I can kind of see how I’m pulling back and not properly engaging with the world, but it feels slightly better than having all this anxiety and interacting like a human being with people I care about, so… yeah… it’s not helpful and it’s only making matters worse, but here I am, in my pit of weirdness, just trying to keep my eye on the fact that the pit is shallower than I would have made in the past.

3 thoughts on “Please Come to Boston. She said “No.”

  1. I think I will be in Boston! Probably Friday? Are you free for lunch? Having enormous conference dread, so I feel you.

  2. Woops, definitely Saturday. Caregiving arrangements for Friday fell through. No tubercular vampires for me. I will be on-site for the morning sessions and then taking off no later than 3 — six hours of driving for seven hours of conference-going, which I know is ridiculous, but that’s how life is for me right now.

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