My Idea

When I was in Boston a couple of weeks ago, I got an idea for a book series about Nashville. Did I tell you all I’m doing a little acquisitions work again? I can’t remember. I’m doing a little acquisitions work again.

Anyway, today I get to find out if I can edit such a series.

I’m so stoked and nervous and delighted. Like, I literally had the idea two weekends ago and today I might get to start working on it.

When in the history of my job has that ever been the case?

Anyway, my idea is to do 25 books, one in honor of each decade of Nashville’s existence, contemplating some aspect of the city’s existence during a particular time and to bring them out for the next decade, leading up to the 250th anniversary of Nashville’s founding.

3 thoughts on “My Idea

  1. I am so into this idea…as you knew I would be. Can’t wait to hear the details!

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