Truths, Lies, and Histories of Nashville

We figured out a cool name for my series!

I’m going to try to spend at least some of today trying to dig up historians and writes I don’t know to make sure I’m not just curating a series of my friends.

I’m really excited and nervous. What if no one submits proposals? What if all the proposals are great? How will I narrow them down to 25?

My dad remains in the hospital with his “mild” congestive heart failure. He’s dying. It might take a while, but he’s going to die of this.

And apparently he’s hell-bent on doing it 8 hours away from his closest kid so that he can bullshit to us about what the doctors are telling him.

Or because he’d rather die with his friends than with his kids.

And that hurts my feelings a lot.

Even though I don’t know how I would do with him here.