More Cloak Thoughts

My subtle gradient is working! Note that it’s lighter on the right and darker on the left.

I did some math yesterday, which sucked, but basically, I have nine bags of fiber that I’ve divvied up into my gradient. Each bag is giving me between 100 and 120 yards of yarn. According to my gauge, I need a foot of yarn for every square inch of cloak I want to make.

I remain unsure of how many square inches of cloak I’m attempting to make.

That’s outstanding question 1.

But I’m pretty sure I don’t have enough yarn planned for it. Which means I need to clean up some more of that gray llama and set up another gradient. I can’t match this one, since I used much of my good shit all up to make it, so I’m thinking of just trying to go from a very light gray to a dark gray and use that at the top of my cloak.

Question 2. Do I want hand holes?

2 thoughts on “More Cloak Thoughts

  1. You may not need/want hand holes, but you should DEFINITELY give it inside pockets.

    Your yarn is lovely! When did you start spinning!

  2. Oh, inside pockets. What a marvelous idea.

    I haven’t been spinning very long. I just started this year (I think in January). But my dad’s friend sent me a bunch of llama and alpaca fiber and the llama, especially, is very forgiving of newbies because the staple is so long. I throw it in with almost everything and it gives me a much more uniform yarn.

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