The Final Gradient

My only worry is the hood, now. I’m half-heartedly working on a prototype, but it’s really boring and I have a lot of other (okay two other) interesting projects I should be working on).

But basically, imagine a U. My neck and head will go in the U, as if we’re looking down on the hood from above. Like (o). When I make the hood as tall as I want, do I put in a seam or do I want a flat panel at the top?

I don’t know. Maybe I should do some smaller prototypes.

2 thoughts on “The Final Gradient

  1. If you just do an essentially flat shape that you fold into a U around your head and then seam up the top, you might find you get a kind of a pointy part at the top back of your head. Sometimes cute, but if you want a more rounded shape you probably need to build it in.

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