The Cloak Begins

I had to frog the hood three times, but I finally made it work. Now I’m working on the cape part and debating whether I want hand holes or not.

You might get a better sense of the gradient here:

I can’t remember if I told you, but I’m using those clusters to hide the shaping of the cloak. Those are where the increases happen when they need to happen.

I also ordered a cloak pin from Etsy.

The yarn is so soft. An so beautiful. I know I made it, but I’m still in awe of it.

I am curious about how you block a non-flat object, though. It’s going to benefit from some shaping, but I’m not sure how to do it.

4 thoughts on “The Cloak Begins

  1. Blocking: I usually block sweaters and such flat on the floor, some kinds of shaping work that way, some don’t. It’s a double layer rather than the single one you’ll be used to. Large busted women often stuff the chest of their blocking sweaters with appropriately shaped objects — plastic bowls, cushions inside plastic bags — whatever works. A similar approach might work for you?

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