Well, it turns out that you can’t tell your therapist that you’re too tired to fake being a person all the time without her becoming very concerned.

I didn’t even get around to telling her about the massive panic attack I had on Tuesday.

So, she’s going to talk to my doctor. I’m going to see my doctor in a week.

I guess shit will happen.

Feels like a particularly bad time to lose my mind, but maybe it’s just a particularly bad time to have waited so long to get help.

Anyway, the podcast recording went great. I’m going to have a story in the Nashville Retrospective and in the Nashville Scene in April about the Looby bombing. I’m pondering pitching something to some bigger outlets.

This is the blanket I’m working on right now. The yarn is pretty inconsistent, but I like how it’s looking worked up.

It has these cool wiggles.

2 thoughts on “Faking

  1. Not to minimize your mind not working right struggles but you do so many awesome things even when you’re not at full capacity. I (once again) love the colors and pattern of the afghan and will be waiting for your writings to be published! You are amazing even with your brain fighting you.

  2. Hey, at least you’re being honest! Hang in there. It will get better. Perhaps your meds need tweaking – that happens a lot. You’re doing everything you can and you have people who helping you and many others who are sending vibes of support. Let people help you and support you. Know that you are loved by many and we’re all rooting for you.

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