I didn’t get all my tasks done yesterday. And I felt a little slow all day, but more like being wrapped in a nice blanket than moving through Jello, so that feels like an improvement.

As part of my duties as a history person, I went down to help salvage a historic building that had been destroyed by the tornado. The woman who ran the business in the building was there.

After a while I went to talk to her, to just check on her, and to apologize. I mean, yes, we’re saving stuff from the building, but we can’t save her business. And she had to stand there watching us look at the rubble of her life and decide what’s valuable and what’s not.

It breaks my heart.

Also, I’m just about finished with this afghan.

All it needs is a border. I had to make some yarn last night to be the border, but as soon as it’s dry, I can finish this puppy right up.