Going Out

Well, for the first time since Sunday, I have to go out. The dog needs to go to the vet (I got six long texts on the protocol for when I get there and I’m still not sure if I’m allowed in the building with him, but it’s fine. He likes them, so either way.) and I have to find toilet paper or a reasonable substitute.

So, I’m also trying to figure out what else I need to do while I’m out so that I can refrain from going out again for a while.

I found that Washington Post graphic with all the bouncy dots really useful for envisioning the best way to stay safe–basically, don’t be out where the dots are bouncing around.

But I’m still not entirely sure–other than just staying way far away from people–how to reduce my chances when I have to be out in the mix.

Should I be wearing a bandana like an old timey bank robber?