Keeping On

I’ve been working on my afghan!

This picture represents the moment when I realized the pattern had an error in it and was a square short. This is for Angela at the post office. She likes pastels and a “Monet” feel, but she also really likes turquoise.

In real life, turquoise has more green in it but, oh well, she’s getting blue.

I’ve also started dyeing for my next afghan. Did I already tell y’all about this?

It’s going to be so hard! I can’t wait. I want a challenge that’s difficult but where the stakes are low.

Step one was getting the base color right.

The definition of nerve-wracking is having someone’s Pantone swatches to try to match a color when they’ve told you they paid almost a thousand dollars for them. I’M MESSY! Don’t give me valuable shit to borrow.


But it worked out.