Working Some More

Last night I finished piecing this all together. Now I have to decide on a border. I really love this part, though, where all the squares are put together but they don’t yet belong to one another.

Everything’s still trying to maintain its own shape and size and elbow its neighbors out of its way. It’ll be different after it’s washed. Everyone will lie together how they should. They’ll work more like one piece of fabric.

But things are still a bit unsettled at this stage.

2 thoughts on “Working Some More

  1. I see why dyeing your own yarn is such a good idea! The subtle color variations are just wonderful!

  2. Your afghans are so cool! I don’t have the patience for anything larger than a scarf.

    As for everything else, all I’ve got is my own forays into psychopharmacology (I’m on quite a few things right now, but it seems to mostly be a mix that works…mostly) and the attendant weirdness it can bring. That, and virtual baked goods.

    *offers whatever situationally appropriate comforts can be provided*

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