Starting Week Three

I spent time this weekend looking at friends’ faces. That boosted my spirits a lot and I need to remember that when things get rough.

The weather is gorgeous. I’m trying to decide if I should work on the porch this morning. I probably will.

My therapist wonders if this crisis is showing me that I would like some companionship. I laughed at that, because it would be just like me to decide now, during an apocalypse, is the time for love.

3 thoughts on “Starting Week Three

  1. I feel like there’s some sort of platitude about how times of adversity show us truths about….something. Ourselves. The world. Life, the universe, and everything.

    It’s not wrong, but doesn’t really seem to be the kind of thing to say right now.

    Honestly, there’s nothing wrong about solitude, nor about companionship, so long as it meets your needs. Sometimes those needs change. That can suck, but it’s also generally fixable, if rather more difficult during this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, motherfucking clusterfuck of a time.

    I can’t exactly show up at your door with snacks, but my email hasn’t changed, and if you want we can even hang out on Skype or something, if you want.

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